Discover the Perfect Fabrics to Sublimate: Your complete guide

Many of the fabrics used to make products that we use daily they are stamped The textile world offers a great diversity of fabrics, but it is It is important to note that not all are compatible with the same method and that there are fabrics that favor the process and offer better results. In this article, we will briefly address which fabrics are appropriate for the sublimation and we will provide specific examples and cases to provide an better understanding of the topic.

It is essential to know the composition of the fabric and make sure it is compatible with the sublimation process.

Once we understand the types of fabrics and their differences in general, we can talk about fabrics to sublimate. Some examples of fabrics suitable for sublimation include: 100% polyester, polyester blends, lightweight fabrics, colorful fabrics light or white, microfiber, polyester canvas, polyester twill fabric, fabric polyester mesh and polyester canvas. These fabrics are ideal for different applications, from sportswear and bedding to art prints and large format flags. However, it is important to remember that fabrics cotton or low polyester content are not suitable for sublimation, as that the ink does not adhere effectively to these natural fibers. Therefore, at select fabrics for sublimation, it is essential to know the composition of the fabric and Make sure it is compatible with the sublimation process to achieve high quality results.