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Maintenance tips for garments sublimated

Proper maintenance preserves the freshness and vibrancy of your garments sublimated over time. We will explore the importance of care proper use of sublimated garments to preserve the quality and durability of the custom designs.

Discover the Perfect Fabrics to Sublimate: Your complete guide

Many of the fabrics used to make products that we use daily they are stamped The textile world offers a great diversity of fabrics, but it is It is important to note that not all are compatible with the same method and that there are fabrics that favor the process and offer better results.

Benefits of industrial sublimation

Industrial sublimation has revolutionized textile and product printing personalized. This technique has become a driving force in the industry by provide a versatile, efficient and high quality solution to satisfy a wide range of printing needs.

Sublimation on Fabric: A Creative Journey towards Quality

Sublimation on Fabric: A Creative Journey towards Quality
Trust our process!
In this blog, we will teach you the creative process and quality of Textile, where the sublimation on fabric becomes a masterpiece.
The Pillar of Creativity and quality

What is textile sublimation?

Today, sublimation is applied to many products that we use every day. Its characteristics favor
both mass production and product customization. It is a widely used process with many
applications in the textile industry.

Your design in the best quality

One of the reasons for the popularity of sublimated items is that sublimation produces rich colors
and high-resolution images. The quality of a sublimated product arouses people's admiration,
reaches the heart and creates memories that last a lifetime. By selling a sublimated product, you
may be selling something that contributes to the growth of a business or creates bonds between

Viva Magenta! The trend color

Year after year, Pantone (recognized worldwide as the leading source of
information about color since 1963) selects a color that will represent the
next 365 days; It is important to recognize it, because this color will set the trends of the year and will influence industries such as design and fashion.