Sublimation is: creativity everywhere

Let’s start by remembering that sublimation is a popular technique for printing designs on fabric.This digital printing process uses heat and pressure to transfer designs with a special ink onto polyester or other synthetic fabrics.

This printing technique is widely used in the textile industry to create designs on clothing, sportswear and other textile products, this is where personalization takes a huge advantage as it removes borders and erases the limits of creativity.

Of course, there is already a wide variety of textiles with colors and textures, so it is common to think “How does sublimation printing work? And what are the pros and cons?” In this blog we will talk a little about answering these questions.

No Color Limitations: Sublimation has no color limitations, meaning you can print any color in any design you want. This is because sublimation ink can produce an infinite number of colors and shades.

Customization and more customization: This technique allows complete customization of designs. This means you can create unique designs, tailored to your specific needs and preferences. At Textile, we also have a team of experts in pattern-making and sizing that is here to help you translate your design to any textile project you have in mind.

So if you had a project in mind and want to give it a totally unique touch or communicate a specific message through fabric, sublimation is your option.