Let the temperature rise, sublimation and summer!

Already immersed in summer, everything refers to sand, sea and heat… a lot of heat. It may be time to pack your bags and take advantage of the season for a good dip; For us, heat reminds us of the sublimation process, since everyday thousands of yards of fabric are exposed to high temperatures in our facilities.

Sublimation uses heat as a great ally, after ensuring that the design and colors are what we are looking for, they are printed on high quality paper with special inks.

Once the paper is printed, we are ready for the next step of the process: stamping. At a temperature of up to 215°C, the paper and fabric are perfectly aligned. With heat, the fabric opens and the ink sublimates, passing into the gaseous state and impregnating itself permanently into the fabric.

It is important to adjust the ironing time and pressure depending on the type of fabric or material, as some may be more sensitive to heat than other materials. Our team and machinery specializes in carrying out this process with high attention to detail.

Heat allows us to make the color vibrant in the fabric and sharpness in the image and details. So yes, we love heat and we take advantage of it to ensure that we take advantage of all its benefits in the sublimation process on your project.