The printing equipment that we handle at Textile is of high technology and quality, such as the special inks and quick-drying papers that we use in the process where the graphics to be transferred are captured. These equipment ensure that this printing process is carried out quickly and with great efficiency, generating the best results. Our advanced sublimation printer machinery generates high throughput roll-to-roll with speeds up to 15,000 yrds per day.

Our equipment offers features that maximize efficiency and minimize downtime, enabling longer print jobs with fewer technical interventions, moving this in an efficiency in time. Providing quality and definition with vivid colors in the impressions made.

The advantage of this process makes feasible a wide range of designs with excellent quality and high durability over time. Our process can handle wear tests to certify the color. regarding washing. Among our features is that we can handle longer print jobs, high and stable print quality, and high productivity.