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One of the reasons for the popularity of sublimated items is that sublimation produces rich colors and high-resolution images. The quality of a sublimated product arouses people's admiration, reaches the heart and creates memories that last a lifetime. By selling a sublimated product, you may be selling something that contributes to the growth of a business or creates bonds between people.

When competing in such a market, print quality becomes one of the most crucial aspects of the business. Therefore, the quality of the inks, the printer, the paper and other products used in the production determine the quality of the final images and the health of your business. Many variables influence decoration with the sublimation method. These variables include aspects such as the purity of the ink and the concentration of the solid pigments, the ability of the color management software to converting colors accurately, the technical design of the printer

and how it handles sublimation ink, the retention and release of pigments by the transfer paper, and the quality of the substrate; All these factors are of great importance in the quality of the final printed products. Quality is a top priority for any product, and at Textile we are dedicated to delivering the highest level of excellence. We understand that the quality of the final product is of the utmost importance to our customers, and that is why we invest in top-of-the-line machinery and textiles.

Creative ideas come true

Creating your own print and sublimation designs can be a rewarding and exciting process. Here are the essential steps to bring your creative ideas to life in the form of custom prints and sublimations.

Creation and selection of images and designs:


Conceptualization: Start by coming up with the general concept and theme of your designs. This can include things like colors, patterns, shapes, typefaces, and artistic styles.


Sketching and Design: Make preliminary sketches of your ideas and refine your designs. You can also search and select images, illustrations or photographs that fit your concept.


Resolution and format: Make sure the selected images and designs are high resolution (ideally 300 dpi or higher) and are in a format supported by your editing software (such as JPEG, PNG, TIFF, or PSD).

In today’s highly competitive business sector, standing out from the crowd is essential for businesses to thrive. One effective way to make a lasting impression is through unique and custom textile designs. Whether you are in the fashion industry or any other business sector, being able to print apparel and textile accessory designs tailored to your specific niche can be a game changer.

We can help you bring your creative vision to life and create amazing textile products that are perfectly suited to your brand and your target audience. Get ready to discover the endless possibilities that await you in the world of custom textiles.